Falcon Eye – A System Inside Private Jet

Falcon Eye – A System Inside Private Jet – THE FALCON EYE – A System Inside Private Jet The announcement of the Falcon 8X business jet at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition has lead to a developing interest from users, customers, and also, investors. Source : Dassaultfalcon (Dot) com   The falcon 8x has high functions with short field capabilities, it has successfully been able to tackle some of the challenges of aircrafts and having the ability … http://ow.ly/xhpp50fF6z6


JET CARDS – How to Compare Jet Cards – J

JET CARDS – How to Compare Jet Cards – JET CARDS: How to Compare Jet Cards INTRODUCTION: In comparing jet cards, the first thing to note is deciding which type of aircraft you would like to be in, that is, whether you would like a light jet, mid jet, or heavy jet, etc. Jet card was formulated in order to create a market product for what is equivalent to block on-demand charter. Source : BJT Online What is a jet card? Jet cards are prepaid debit card which are purcha… http://ow.ly/efXk50fCi0M